Power Plants

Development of nation largely depends on fulfilling the power requirements of its people and industry. Construction of power plants involves transportation and installation of heavy equipment like turbines, generators, transformers, boiler drums, etc. We have been a part of construction of conventional thermal based power plants as well as gas based power plants. We have installed some of the world’s biggest and heaviest steam turbines/ generators, gas turbines and boiler drums.


We own and operate strand jack based lifting systems that are capable of installing power plant equipment of up to 800 MW capacities. We have had the privilege of installing power plant equipment in both high capacity (300 MW to 700 MW) as well as relatively low capacity (98 MW to 250 MW) Power plants for power plant owners, EPC Contractors, equipment suppliers as well as TG & Boiler House Construction companies.

Steam Generators

Steam Generators are the critical electric equipment and a sensitive part of the power plant. Hence, its foundation needs to be covered from all sides well before its installation. Due to this, installation using Cranes becomes difficult due to accessibility of the TG Deck Floor in a confined space. Our Modular Lifting Structure combined with Strand Jacks and Hydraulic Push pull Mechanism is capable of lifting and skidding of the Generators. The system is also capable of suspending the generator if required to carry out the blue matching process.


Udupi Thermal Power Plant, Udupi,Karnataka

Bawana Thermal Power Plant,Bawana,Delhi

Bhushan Captive Power Plant , Meramandali, Orissa

Krishnapatnam Thermal Power Plant, Krishnapatnam,Andhra Pradesh

Steam Turbines

We have multiple Strand jack based lifting systems capable of installing Steam Turbines of various sizes and weights. We also own 4 point Hydraulic lift system of 500 Ton capacity which is used for such installations. Our lifting systems are easy to transport and assemble. All 3 movements – horizontal, vertical and transverse – are possible with our lift systems. In view of their low mob demob cost and low rental rates as compared to the conventional lifting system like cranes, our alternate lifting systems are commercially competitive without compromising on the safety of the lift.

Gujarat State Electric Board,Utran,Gujarat

Lanco Kondapalli Power Plant,Kondapalli,Andhra Pradesh

Bhushan Energy Power Plant,Meramanadali, Orrisa

Boiler Drums

Boiler Drums need to be erected at a height of around 80-100 metres, depending upon the capacity of the power plant. Lifting of Boiler Drums was previously done using Winches which besides putting a lot of construction activities on hold, also had capacity limitations. The time period taken for Boiler Drum erection with Winches was also quite considerable. With Strand jacks, there are no constraints as regards to the lifting capacity, besides taking considerably less time for the preparation and the actual lifting. With our Strand jacks, we have installed Boiler Drums of all sizes and weights for Power Plants ranging from 250MW to 600MW.

Marwa Thermal Power Plant,Marwa,Chhattisgarh

Raghunathpur Thermal Power Plant,Raghunathpur,West Bengal