The Petrochemical and Refinery industry caters to the energy requirements of the people around the world. This sector poses challenging schedules, needs precise planning and requires the most sophisticated transport and lifting equipment, besides detailed engineering and experienced Manpower.

We are privileged to have been part of many challenging projects related to the Petrochemical and Refinery Sector. We have been involved in the transportation and installation of some of the World’s heaviest and longest Petrochemical and Refinery equipment.

Reliance Jamnagar – J3 Project, Jamnagar, Gujarat (Ongoing)

Nature of Work:  Currently, we are executing a heavy logistics contract for Reliance Industries Limited’s J3 Project at Jamnagar, Gujarat. Our scope of work includes receiving the ODC’s and SODC’s through LO-LO/RO-RO operations on our Heavy transport equipment, unloading at the jetty till the time the heavy lifts are custom cleared and their transport/delivery to the site. We are responsible for all transport engineering including the stability/lashing calculations for all the heavy lifts.


Project Highlight:  As part of this project, we have so far handled more than 200 Heavy lifts including the following:

  1. 1042 MT Toluene Column (94.73m x 9.87m x 10.74m)
  2. 860 MT Xyelene Column (87.95m x 11.68m x 12.46m)
  3. 833 MT C3 Splitter (115m.1 x 8.1m x 8.13m)
  4. 784 MT SRU Tailgas Column (104.92m x 6.32m x 7.07m)

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Manali, Chennai

Nature of Work:  Lifting and Installation of DHDT Reactor measuring 41.1m x 4.5m & weighing 580MT using our 1200T Tower Lift Strand jack System and Tailing by SPMT’s


Project Highlight:  We offered the client, a complete non crane lifting solution by using our strand jacks for lifting and SPMT’s for tailing. We avoided a 1200 Ton main crane and  600 Ton tailing crane, by using our system thereby giving the client an  engineered lifting solution at a highly competitive price, conforming to their lifting schedule.

Reliance Industries- JERP, Jamnagar, Gujarat

Nature Work  :  Multimodal Transportation of 84 nos. of Super Heavy, SODC’s. The scope included marine transport on Barges from Sikka anchorage to Sikka Jetty and Land transport on SPMT’s over a distance of 23 km from Sikka Jetty to Reliance-JERP 2 Plant


Project Highlight: Safely transported 84 nos. of Super ODC’s in a highly aggressive and demanding project schedule of only 8 months including:

Land Transport:

  1. 1591 MT C3 Splitter (96.8m X 14.3m X 11.5m)
  2. 1438 MT FCC Regenerator (41.2m X 18.0m X 18.0m)
  3. 1205 MT Crude Column  (74.1m x 12.7m x 13.2m )
  4. 745 MT DHDS Reactor (38.7m x 5.8m x 6.9m )

Marine Transport:

  1. 1205 MT Crude Column (74.1m x 12.7m x 13.2m)
  2. 601 MT Vacuum Column (47.8m x 13.9m x 13.9m)
  3. 410 MT Coke Drums (38.2m x 9.6m x 9.5m)

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Panipat,Haryana

Nature of Work :  Transport of 37 nos of SODC’s on SPMT’s including Fractionators Measuring 63.64m x 10.96m x 12.1m and weighing 800MT


Project Highlight:  Since this Refinery is in the interior mainland of India, thousands of kilometers away from sea, therefore site fabrication of the super heavy lifts was the only solution. Considering the dimensions of the packages, we engineered the transportation of packages on our SPMT’s with minimum civil works for the client. We were also involved in the finalization of saddles and jacking details of the heavy lifts. The heavy lifts were transported from their fabrication area to under the lifting crane’s hook safely and as per the lifting schedule of the client.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Nature of Work :  Marine Transport, Land Transport and Installation of three Super Heavy HCU Reactors and a Separator, with  heaviest reactor measuring 30.15m x 3.58m x 4.63m and weighing 452 MT


Project Highlight : We designed and built a special jetty about 20 Km from the plant and after receiving the heavy lifts on our Barge at Mumbai Port, we landed the Reactors at the jetty and transported them to the site. We provided a complete heavy lifting solution to the client which included multimodal transport and installation of the Reactors at the site.

Reliance East West Gas Pipeline, Multiple Locations

Nature of Work :  Lifting and placement of 14 gas turbine and 14 gas compressors measuring 5.1m x 3.9m x 2.5m  weighing 118 MT using Strand Jack Lift System for Reliance east west gas pipe line.


Project Highlight : We performed Lifting, Skidding and Installation of Gas Compressors in a significantly less time and at a highly competitive cost as compared to a crane, at multiple locations spanning across the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat as per the highly aggressive project schedule.