Development of infrastructure is the backbone of any growing economy as it is the key element in the construction of other important facilities like refineries and power plants. Construction of world class airports, ports, bridges, flyovers, stadiums and tunnels are some of the key infrastructure projects that involve heavy lifting.

Since most of the projects involve onsite construction, therefore it is imperative to use proper technology, appropriate equipment and carry out detailed engineering/planning of the construction activities so that there are minimum disruptions due to factors like traffic. With our equipment, it is possible to construct/ fabricate huge structure like airport hangers on the ground and lift them up and install the single structure thereby saving substantial time and cost, besides executing the job safely.

We have been involved in challenging infrastructures projects wherein using custom designed engineering solutions and sophisticated hydraulic lifting/skidding equipment, construction time has been reduced manifold maintaining the highest levels of safety standards.

High Rise Buildings

Atmosphere Towers, Kolkata, West Bengal

Nature of Work : Lifting and installation of sky bridge (mid segment) measuring 45m x 22m x 11m and weighing 600 MT at a height of 107m from ground elevation between two high rise buildings


Project Highlight :  The high rise towers are an attractive piece of architecture that comprised of a sky bridge between 2 buildings at a height of over 100 m above ground level and would comprise of various amenities like gym swimming pool,club house, etc. The steel structure for this sky bridge weighed 600 MT. We used 4 Nos. of strand jacks and power packs having a total capacity of 1600 MT which were synchronized using computer and special lifting software. The synchronization enabled us to operate all 4 strand jacks within 10 mm of each other, which was a major requirement of this projet. The lifting of more than 100 m was completed within a day. The sky bridge was then hydraulically and mechanically locked by the strand jacks for a period of 30 days enabling the mid segment to be joined to its side structure


Mumbai International Airport Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Nature of Work : Movement & Placement of Steel Pods (Roof  Structure) for the new International Airport Terminal – T2 at Mumbai.


Project Highlight :  As per the architectural design, the roof structure of the new T2 Arrival Section comprised of 32 nos. of steel structures called pods. As part of the construction of the roof, these pods needed to be installed at 32 different locations. In view of the space issues, installation of these pods by crane was not possible. We proposed a customized installation solution of these pods Computer Controlled Synchronous Jack / Skid system, Skid Roller & diesel driven Power Packs

Chandigarh New Airport, Chandigarh, Punjab

Nature of Work : Installation of  Space Frames – 2 Nos. of 34m x 34m & weighing 190 MT and 2 Nos. of 34m x 12m & weighing 140 MT each,  for the Entry Section of the New Airport  to a height of 18m


Project Highlight :  With our strand jacking system, we gave a customized heavy lifting solution to the client, wherein client was able to assemble the complete space frame at the ground level. The fully assembled space frame was then lifted by us to a height of 18 m in a span of few hours. This process meant that the client could complete all the assembly at the ground level safely which minimized the project schedule without affecting the quality of the work at a significantly less cost.

Hyderabad New Airport, Hyderabad, Telangana

Nature of Work : Installation of Roof Truss for the Entry Section of the New Airport weighing 110 MT each to a height 24 m


Project Highlight : Our Lifting solution enabled the client to assemble the entire roof truss on the ground and lift the structure in one piece using strand jacks thus saving them substantial time and cost.


Gaundalim Bridge, Gaundalim, Goa

Nature of Work : Installation of a 80m long, 3.7m wide, 16m high steel arch bridge weighing 265MT for GSIDC’s Gaundalim, Goa Site.


Project Highlight : Initially it was planned to install the Arch Bridge in pieces using high capacity cranes from both ends. We proposed a solution enabling the client to assemble the entire Arch Segment on ground and then install it using the float over technology. The Bridge segment was rested on a stools at a height of 1.5m. With the help of customized cribs and computer controlled SPMT’s . The Arch bridge was jacked up to its final placement height of 11.7m. The SPMT’s mounted with modular tower structures were placed under the bridge to transport it to the barge. The width of the channel was only 70m. We also provided a customized barge of 54m length to accommodate the limited space. The Arch Bridge was rolled on to the barge with the help of SPMT’s. The ballasting and deballasting was carried out using our high speed ballast pumps to maintain the stability of the barge with the tide level. The barge was finally positioned to its final location using our mooring winches.

Bandra Worli Sea Link , Mumbai, Maharashtra

Nature of Work Transportation and Lifting of Pier Segments weighing 150MT each on Hydraulic Trailers and installing them at the foundation using our 4 point lifting system.


Project Highlight : Due to the access of the first two pier segments, the client was looking at using a super heavy crane for the placement of the segments. Giving them a factory  to foundation solution, we transported the pier segments from their casting yard to the bridge approach and then installed the same using our 4 point Lift System.

Sirhind Canal Crossing, Ropar, Punjab

Nature of Work Lifting of the capsized segments of  bridge and re-launching the bridge of length 134 meters and weighing  480MT


Project Highlight : For the retrieval and re launching of the bridge segment, the client was looking at hiring a super heavy crane whose mobilization and assembly/dismantling time was quite significant. We custom designed a lifting and skidding solution using our hydraulic jacks, skid rollers and push pull cylinders thereby retrieving and positioning the bridge on its final location, safely in a span of few weeks. Besides saving a lot of time for the client, our solution was also quite cost competitive.

De-Salination Plants

Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Hazira, Gujarat.

Nature of job  : Transport, Roll on, Barging, Roll off and  Installation of 3nos. Desalination  Units Measuring 44.3m x  8.4m x 13.7m  &  weighing 402 MT each using our Barge “Freight 75” from L&T, Hazira Jetty to Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)


Project Highlight :  We provided complete factory to foundation solution to our client which included transportation from fabrication area to the Jetty, roll on to the barge, barging it to the jetty at Ras Al Khaimah Creek, roll off at the jetty and installation on to the foundations. Since we provided end to end solution to the client, they had to coordinate only with one agency for the entire duration of the project. Due to the synergy of the operation, we were also able to pass on the commercial benefits to the client.