Automobile industry caters to both, the essential needs as well as aspirations of the people. India is a major automobile hub with almost all the leading automobile companies having set up their manufacturing facilities in different parts of the country.


We have the unique distinction of having provided transport, unloading,  Installation & Commissioning services of various heavy duty hydraulic stamping presses for leading automobile manufacturers all across India. We have transported, installed and commissioned some of the biggest hydraulic presses in the world – both Tandem as well as Transfer presses – working for reputed press suppliers as well as the automobile manufacturers of across the globe.


Due to confined spaces, it becomes difficult for heavy cranes to perform lifting in press shops. Using our 500Ton capacity 4 Point lift system, we can install presses inside the press shop sheds. Also, we serve as a one stop shop to the client for their entire press installation project. We undertake turnkey projects for automobile presses that includes receiving the press parts from the ship’s hook on to the trailers at the port, transporting them from jetty/port to the project site,unloading at site, lifting and installation of the presses using heavy lifting equipment including our 4 Point Lift system and commissioning of the press line including the die trial.

Ashok Leyland Ltd, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Owner : Ashok Leyland Ltd.


Press Manufacturer : Fagor Arrasate, S. Coop., Spain


Site : Ashok Leyland’s Hosur Plant , Tamil Nadu


Project : Installation of 1×1500 MT + 1×1000 MT Transfer Press Lines


Project Highlight : The client had an aggressive schedule of complete installation within 6 weeks. Using additional manpower and working round the clock, we commissioned the press safely as per the client’s schedule.

General Motors India Limited, Talegaon, Maharashtra

Owner : General Motors India  Limited


Press Manufacturer : WIA Corporation, Korea


Site : General Motors India Ltd.’s Talegaon,Pune Plant


Project : Transportation & Installation of 4200 MT (1×1800 MT + 3×800 MT) Tandem Line Press


Project Highlight : Turnkey Project was executed that included receiving the packages from ship’s hook, transporting from port to site, unloading at site, installation and final commissioning of the press.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Manesar, Haryana

Owner : Maruti Suzuki India Limited


Press Manufacturer : Komatsu Ltd, Japan


Project Site : Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Manesar, Haryana.


Project : Transportation & Installation of  1×3000 MT Transfer Press Line and 3600 MT(1×1200 MT + 3×800 MT) Tandem Press Line


Project Highlight : The scope involved the transportation of the press including heavy parts like crown, bed, slide, etc. from Kandla port to Manesar, unloading at site, installation of both the press lines and their commissioning.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Owner : Hyundai Motor India Limited.


Press Manufacturer : WIA Corporation, Korea


Project Site : Hyundai Motors India Plant, Sriperumbudur, Chennai.


Project : Installation of 5400 MT (1×2400 MT +3×1000 MT) Tandem Press Line


Project Highlight : The project  involved the transportation of all press parts, unloading them, and installing all the parts of the tandem press line. The key part i.e. the Assembled Crown of the 2400MT lead press weighing 245MT was installed in a single piece safely at an elevation of 7.2m using our 4 point Point Lift System. This saved a lot of time as the complete assembly of the crown was done prior to its installation.

Mahindra Automotive Limited, Chakan, Maharashtra

Owner : Mahindra Automotive Limited.


Press Manufacturer : Schuler, Germany


Project Site : Mahindra Automotive Ltd.’s Chakan, Pune Plant


Project : Installation of 5400 MT (1×2400 MT +3×1000 MT) Tandem Press Line


Project Highlight : During the time of press installation, the press roof wasn’t ready and hence the entire work was completed in temporary sheds during the monsoon season. Entire installation was carried out safely and as per the client’s schedule, even under difficult conditions.

Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Owner : Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.


Press Manufacturer : IHI Corporation, Japan


Project Site : Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. Ltd., Orgadum (Chennai), Tamil Nadu


Project : Installation of 5400 MT (1×2400 MT +3×1000 MT) Tandem Press Line


Project Highlight : Safe installation of the entire press line in an aggressive time schedule to meet the client’s expectations.